David Cook in Singapore!


David Cook in Singapore + Meet and Greet!

Officially the first Meet and Greet I’ve ever been too! How did I get to meet him?

Well! The story goes like this… Hahaha.

I and my friend were studying for a test and suddenly she went up to me and she asked me “Can you write ‘I love’ behind my reviewer?…” And I was like “Uhhh. Why?” And she just suddenly stormed off and bought a Cookie. And then she explained to me… that there’s this Twitter competition sponsored by Ion Orchard and she wants to try it for fun. So to join the competition she needed to take a photo of anything related to David Cook. So, I and my friend decided to join it.

So with my superb penmanship and photo taking skills (Hahaha. Just kidding) + my friend’s creative idea… We came up with this!


Get it? Get it?? I love… COOKie. 😉

HAHAHA. Don’t judge. I know it’s kinda lame… But, in the end we were one of the few lucky ones who got chosen! Some of my friends seriously couldn’t even believe we won with this photo. Well, I was one of them too! Hahaha.

Anyways! It was really such a blast to meet David Cook! And… He was really friendly and cool. And, the one thing that I loved most about him was his humor. And, how he’s so passionate about his music. Kudos to him! (And he was cute of course! And he’s awesome live. ✌)

P.S. Thank you so much to Ion Orchard Singapore for giving us such an opportunity! And, to 91.30’s DJ Chery Miles, you were an awesome host for the Meet and Greet! 🙂


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