Dined in at Tito Chef!

On my last day in Manila 2 weeks ago, I and some of my friends met up for dinner and we’ve been wanting to try a new place to eat. And so we’ve decided to eat somewhere near BF (it’s probably the subdivision that has the most restaurants in Manila). And we settled with Tito Chef  (since my friend’s mom mentioned it). :3

image image_6Cocktail Fish & Chips

image_5Cannelloni Bechamel

image_4Pesto Prawn Spaghetti

image_3Bolognese Al forno

image_1(Iced Lemon Tea again! ♥)


To cut things short, the food was awesome and affordable! It’s definitely worth the price. I liked the restaurant’s ambiance as well! It was simple yet classy. Before we left the restaurant, I told my friends that I’m definitely bringing my family there and they just stared at me and said: “When? Next year? Hahaha.” Eh. I hope I’ll be back in Manila sooner than that!

* Tito Chef is at President’s Avenue, corner Adelfa Street, Parañaque City, 1700, Philippines *


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