Pink & Blessed

Debut in Manila (18th celebration)!


Turning 18 is a milestone in a girl’s life especially in the Filipino culture. It serves as a formal presentation of a young woman to society – well, that’s what the dictionary defined it as.

In a sense, it’s essentially a celebration of finally being legal? (Though sometimes I wished I could just stay forever a child. Haha.)

Theme: Pastel Colors (well, mainly pink..)

Danica's 18th bday_0003 Danica's 18th bday_0015 Danica's 18th bday_0092Shoes from Pazzion (Singapore)

Danica's 18th bday_0245Cake from Aggy’s

Danica's 18th bday_0671Dress by Mr. Gerry Katigbak

Danica's 18th bday_0673Danica's 18th bday_0577Danica's 18th bday_1229 Danica's 18th bday_1336I tried my best to sing again.. (My long lost dream is to be good at it again? Or for once be good at it. Haha!)

Danica's 18th bday_0649My lovely batchmates in high school. ♥

Danica's 18th bday_1370Mobile bar from Sober Club

Danica's 18th bday_1662Industry forever!

Photos by Richard Buan

There’s no doubt that I enjoyed every second of that night and it’s not because I turned 18 or had such a party but it’s because I was able to reunite with all my friends and family. I felt tremendous joy and I really felt even more blessed for having such wonderful people in my life. I am undoubtedly thankful for everything and to my parents who have unconditionally loved me and who continues to love me for who I am.

Danica's 18th bday_1265

You have filled my heart with great joy. It is greater than the joy of people who have lots of grain and fresh wine.

Psalm 4:7

Thank you for reading this! It was quite a personal post… Hope I didn’t bore you much. Hahaha.


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