Food Finds I


Singapore has tons of food places and I really had no idea where to start when I officially moved here. Well, now that I’m more accustomed to the place, I can finally share some of the food places I enjoyed/tried! Hope this post helps you out, if ever you’re wondering where to eat next!

Food Finds for the last 6 weeks!

Fish Manhattan

Fish Manhattan @ The Star Vista – Love the cheese on the fries! I and my friends had lunch there and they had a promo ongoing (still ongoing) wherein 2 lunch sets only costs $19.90 (with the soup of the day)! I do think though that this is the best lunch set as compared to the other choices. This one is called: “Feeesh n’ Cheeese!”

Soup Spoon

The Soup Spoon @ Vivo City – Though my bread was quite burnt, I still enjoyed my meal! Haha. I actually didn’t notice that my bread was burnt since I ended up only eating half of the bread because the set was just too much for me. − Salmon sandwich, Iced Lemon Tea and Pumkin soup! Loved their Salmon sandwich! Before I moved to Singapore, I’ve always thought that soup can never make you full (coming from a country where our staple food is rice.), yeah.. Got to Soup Spoon. I’ved lived a lie.

Jamaica Blue

Jamaica Blue @ The Star Vista − This place just has tons of cafes and food places! Loved Jamaica Blue’s al fresco area! Great place to chill! Plus look at the swan on my Mocha Latte!

Smoothie King

Probably one of my favorite food finds!! Smoothie King @ 313 Somerset. I cannot explain how much I loved their Angel Food Smoothie – was never really a fan of any smoothie with bananas but this one was just… 🙂 Plus their Grilled Chicken Breast BBQ Wrap is so good and greatly complements their smoothies! And, I can’t believe it’s actually healthy (280 Calories – I know this because it’s actually stated on their menu board. Lol.)


Mr. Sushi @ Bukit Timah Plaza inside FairPrice Finest. Okay. This sushi place is probably my favorite! It’s super cheap and really good! I love going there after school to grab a quick meal. Mr. Sushi is located beside Delifrance inside FairPrice Finest. It has a small dining area. If you choose to eat there, you actually get complementary green tea! What more can you ask for! Oh! And their Charamushi is the best!! Sadly, most of the time it’s sold out..

Fish & Co.

Fish & Co. @ Vivo City

More to come on my next post − Jamie’s, Cafe meals, etc! (I was planning to squeeze in everything in one post but it’s a little too much..)

Thank you for checking out this post!

Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions!

Happy food hunting!


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