Food Finds II


Thank you guys for reading Food Finds (Part I) and for the likes as well! Really appreciate it! Sorry that I’ve only written Part II now. Been too busy with school. I’m definitely glad though that it’s Friday!!

Here are the other places and dishes I’ve tried over the past few weeks! Hopefully it helps you figure out where to eat next in Singapore!

Jamie’s Italian @ Vivo City 

If you haven’t heard about it, it’s true! Jamie Oliver opened up a restaurant in Singapore. Been wanting to try the place out but it always seemed packed but got to eventually try it out! Well, here comes my review… To be honest, I expected a lot more from the dishes we’ve ordered. However, in my opinion the dishes didn’t really deliver for the price we’ve paid. Perhaps it was cause of my high expectations prior to ordering or maybe I just didn’t order the right stuff? Nonetheless, what I liked best is the ingredients used. I can really tell how each ingredient was fresh!

Jaimie'sMeat Platter

Squid Ink PastaBlack Angel Spaghetti with Scallops

Chocolate & Vin Santo Pot

Café Meals

I think that in Singapore a lot of people tend to study outside more often especially in cafes (and I’m one of them too)! And, I feel like it’s definitely a hassle to eat elsewhere when you’re glued to your chair, mugging and cramming for an exam that’s daunting you the next day. Therefore, I do believe that what constitutes a “good cafe” would be one that sells not only good coffee but good food as well! Hehe. Okay. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve tried in Coffee Bean and Starbucks (I usually order the same thing).

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee BeanEggs Benedict – One of my personal favorites at Coffee Bean. I do think though that they taste different in different branches.

Coffee BeanSalmon Benedict – This was really good!! However, they don’t really have this in all branches. Had this at the Coffee Bean in Eunos!


Some Starbucks branches have started selling meals too! Though their menu is still quite limited..

StarbucksLasagne with Iced Soy Green Tea Latte – It’s a good combination! I think that this Lasagne was actually quite good. Better than I expected! Had this meal at Starbucks Rochester! If you haven’t been there, please do! It’s one of the best Starbucks branches I’ve been to in terms of ambience and design!

Thai Express, The Daily Scoop and Bakerzin

Thai ExpressHad these for my Mom’s birthday dinner! Thai Express – her personal favorite! The food there is good and definitely worth it! The Daily Scoop across Holland Village and Starwberry Cheesecake from Bakerzin! It was a lovely cake!

That’s basically it for this post! Thank you for checking it out!

Feel free to leave any comments, questions and suggestions!

Happy food hunting again! 🙂


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